Istanbul Proptech Scene -Sept 2020

As Eurasia Proptech Initiative, we are happy to release the 3rd version of Turkey’s Proptech Map. In its third year, the market continues to grow. , this year 132 startups made it to the map -started with 84 companies three years ago-.

Here is the breakdown of categories:

  • Logistics: 13
  • Data Analytics: 7
  • Retail: 13
  • Transactions: 7
  • Office: 9
  • Others: 15
  • See Hear: 19
  • Mobility: 17
  • Marketplace: 6
  • Construction: 5
  • Cloud Kitchen: 5
  • Agents: 5
  • Tenant App: 3
  • Geolocation: 7

Below are some highlights from the map;

  • For the first time, we see brokerage firms offering fixed-fees business models.
  • Some categories/companies thrive during the pandemic.
  • All having different business models and growing fast, local cloud/ghost supermarkets can be considered as the category leaders globally.
  • Logistics and mobility are the top two categories that received the most newcomers.
  • See- Sense-Hear is still the largest category.
  • With eIDAS, there might be even more e-signing applications in the coming months.
  • There are more than 60 crowdfunding companies operating in the market that are not included.

If you know a company we missed -you think it should be on this map-, please let us know.

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