Turkey Proptech Map -Version 2

Since we released the first version of the map back in January 2019, the Turkish market has started to gain momentum. People who registered our meet-ups this season helped us to have full-house events since September. New start-ups some of which are from new verticals have emerged -or been discovered by us-. There are clear signs that the pace will accelerate in 2020 when incumbents -even the government- will be “enlighted”. Expect more and exciting news from this market.

We have identified a total of 97 companies this year -up from 81- to be included on the map.

Turkey Proptech Map Version 2

Before going into the breakdown of each category, below are some notes worth to be highlighted;

  • ConstructTech was created for the first. We expect this area might be even more crowded when we include building materials.
  • A cyber security company -that has large clients and operations globally- made it for the first time this year.
  • Interesting to see that there are two local e-scooter startups available in the market. -also hearing another two are getting ready to become operational soon-
  • Some of the startups are expanding their operations out of Turkey.
  • We have identified 5 new startups after we released the map. They will be included in the next version.

Below is the breakdown of each category:

  • 12 companies in Marketplace
  • 5 in Data & Analytics
  • 12 in Retail
  • 4 in Transactions
  • 4 in Offices
  • 16 in See-Hear-Sense
  • 10 in Mobility
  • 5 in Logistics
  • 4 in ConstructTech
  • 3 in Geolocation
  • 5 in Tenant app
  • 7 in Agents/Brokers
  • 10 in Others